Financial Services and Tax Planning

We work in conjunction with Chilvester Financial to provide professional, high quality planning advice and guidance as part of our Financial Planning Service.

How can we add value to your business?

We can:

  • work together to ensure all accounting, tax planning and financial advice works in harmony and contributes to an agreed goal
  • look at ways to help you maximise business and personal tax opportunities
  • help you protect your business, key staff and your family should something happen to you or your key team members
  • develop financial solutions that makes your business cash work harder for you
  • help you attract and retain staff through developing employee benefit strategies
  • provide long term advice spanning the different generations of your business, your employees and your family
  • develop and plan your business exit strategy

How do we do this?

We can:

  • offer a range of services appropriate to the complexity of your needs
  • ensure you work with a team of people you can trust and rely upon
  • provide transparent costs across all areas of advice
  • give professionally qualified, specialist support from the right people at the right time
  • access market leading technology to ensure the plans we put in place today are flexible enough to adapt for any changes tomorrow

Ultimately, your business and personal financial plan needs to be individual, flexible, dynamic and reviewed – just like your business.

Protection Insurance for Tax Investigations

Tax investigations by HMRC are on the increase – they can happen to anyone, even if all your tax affairs are above board, and yet proving your compliance isn’t easy. It’s often a lengthy, drawn-out exercise that involves significant time, correspondence and professional expertise, which inevitably means big costs.

Chippendale and Clark can protect your business, and help you evade hefty accountancy bills, with our fee protection service that covers you in the event of a tax enquiry. If investigated, we can handle all stages of the tax investigation for you, from written correspondence to face-to-face meetings, at no extra cost.

Our fee protection service starts from just £60+VAT for the first year – a fraction of the cost of dealing with a tax investigation that has the potential to last for several years and involve chargeable time worth thousands of pounds. To find out more about how we can help protect your business, just get in touch with us to discuss your circumstances in detail.