Financial Director Package

Designed to deliver above and beyond, our Financial Director Package will help you elevate your business to a new level. It includes our full range of accountancy services, plus the following:

  • Business placement, strategy and director target review.
  • Expense, income, and investment review; taking note of your situation before we start our work, we will benchmark you against industry standards.
  • Systems process and procedures review; looking at how you generate sales, service clients and accumulate costs.
  • Staff review; not looking at how good your staff are at doing their job, but at how they carry out their work. We want to know how long they spend on jobs, and how best to monitor and record this. We are looking for project profits or losses.
  • Pricing strategy review.
  • Differentiation review; we will also consider your competition and why your current clients use you. What else can you offer? why are you different? We won’t let you compete on price! You will compete because you are the best and we can give you the tools to achieve this.
  • Marketing review; It doesn’t need to be a dark art. Once you have the above, marketing will flow naturally, but it’s easy to spend thousands on marketing without any return. We will insure your marketing is measurable and sustainable, so all you need is the right people – and we can help there too.

Included extras:


If your business employs staff, it’s essential you pay them properly to ensure compliance. Payroll varies from the simple to the complex, but by law it involves tax and national insurance deductions, up-to-date record keeping, the issuing of payslips and the completion of tax returns.

If you don’t manage your payroll properly you’ll increase your opportunity for making mistakes, as well as putting yourself at risk of financial penalties – you could even be breaking the law. At Chippendale and Clark, we can take care of all your Payroll requirements for you, as a bolt on service to any of our packages. We’ll manage everything from tax deductions, to sickness and holiday pay, to final payroll reports, and we’ll do it in a way that works best for your business.

Auto Enrolment

New employer duties are being introduced gradually by the Government, meaning that all employers will have to set up a workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol workers. You’ll need to ensure you meet minimum contribution payments too, or you could be in breach of employment law.

The good news is that here at Chippendale and Clark, we’re an official payroll bureau; we have the means, expertise and staff to run your payroll and set up your auto enrolment for you. If you have employees it’s a necessity, not just an option, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. We can help you set up pensions and administer payment for as little as £20 a month. What’s more, we can combine auto enrolment with any of our packages to provide a service tailored to your business needs and requirements.